Aerial Photography

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography in its broad definition involves taking of photographs of the ground from above. Shots taken in this way look down on the ground below and are taken from an elevated or ‘direct-down’ position. Sometimes the camera that is used for aerial photography is attached to a telescopic mast which is an excellent choice for image stability if a fixed point video is required. Often times, where a sweep of an area is required or where a shot that is unattainable from a mast, airborne alternatives are required. Solutions used for capturing that perfect aerial shot include the use of helicopters, fixed-wing air-planes and increasingly the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise referred to as UAVs or “drones”, as well as other methods. The Aerial video or Aerial photo production can be be triggered remotely or even automatically.

360 Photo Survey Services

Our services include all the main options including fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, UAVs (or “drones”) and telescopic masts  for use is surveys, progress photos, inspections and promotional images. 

We also undertake internal drone photography, with examples including:

  • Manchester Central Library`s grand Reading Room
  • Watling Gate Hall – grade 2 listed building where normal access was prevented due to the dangerous condition of the floors
Aerial Photography Manchester

Aerial Photography Manchester

To see more of examples of our aerial work, please visit our portfolio page or check out examples of our photo and video work on our blog.

Aerial photographer drone was commissioned to undertake aerial photography and video to promote the latest phase at Apollo Office Park`s Wroxton development near Banbury, Oxfordshire


Drone aerial photography and UK law

With UAV photography having the potential to create some amazing shots and video sequences, it is obvious why the interest in capturing the kind of footage that was once the preserve of only the largest media outlets. With this explosion of interest in capturing exceptional images, there are unfortunately dangers and for that reason it is essential that operators of such devices are correctly trained and experienced.

Whilst it is legal to fly a drone, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) admits that “the rules and regulations around drone use are evolving.  Drones are classified as unmanned aircraft and the CAA makes it quite clear that UAV`s are most certainly a type of aircraft and certainly “not toys”.

Drones operators using UAVs weighing less than 20kg for commercial use are required to seek permission from the CAA. To get that permission operators have to show that they are sufficiently competent. is CAA licenced (PfCO) and fully insured to undertake commercial photography using drones (SUAS), and is an Associate Member of the RIBA. We have the track record and client history to show excellent competence in these areas and are able to capture superb aerial photographs and videos in a safe and cost effective manner.

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