Services provides a range of specialist photographic services for construction, property and other professionals.

Our 360° survey work is used for a whole range of purposes including production of Dilapidation Surveys, Condition Surveys and Access Audits. We regularly undertake photographic records of premises before, during and on completion of projects, which is frequently a requirement both in support of and as conditions to Local Authority Planning and English Heritage requirements. surveys are tailored to your specific requirements, budget and timescale comprising an extremely detailed photographic record of your premises, which can include high resolution still images incorporated within the 360° virtual tour. Our largest project to date comprised circa 250,000 individual photographs within the 360° virtual tour dilapidation/condition survey resolving many issues before they arose whilst enabling the architects and design teams to virtually walk around the building saving a great deal of time and money enabling them to concentrate on their design roles avoiding the need to regularly return to site to check information.

In addition to photographic images, can also incorporate other data into our 360° virtual tours, including:

  • High resolution still photographs
  • Technical documentation
  • Health & Safety information
  • Drawings
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Video and Audio

Our Progress photography service provides detailed and extensive records of construction projects both for use as a historical record for Local Planning Authority/English Heritage requirements but also an invaluable tool for on-going design works by the project design and construction team. Our largest project (so far) included in excess of 3 million still images, providing the client with an invaluable record of their development whilst avoiding many problems that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.